When we first reported on the indie flick Anna Nicole, we weren't kidding about it going into production right away. Case in point: TMZ has nabbed the first photos from the set; pics which show a majority of the cast clowning around and smiling it up for all to see. For anyone that's familiar with the old Anna Nicole Show on E! (yes, I watched it too), you'll notice the familiar face of Bobby Trendy all over these shots. Trendy, who I believe is the world's most annoying interior designer, will be portraying himself in the film. Great. That's just one more reason to stay far away from this disaster.

In case you're wondering, that is not the real Anna Nicole in the picture to the right of your screen. Nope, that's actress Willa Ford -- former "Bad Girl of Pop" -- and she'll be playing Anna in the flick. Also on hand in the photos are Patrick Ryan Anderson (as Anna's son Daniel) and Chris Devlin (as Howard K. Stern). Keoni Waxman, who's no stranger to real-life adaptations having helmed a film about the origins of the Amber Alert called Amber's Story, is directing. Apparently, they're labeling this an "indie film," although I can't imagine it will play anywhere except on the Lifetime channel. Then again, perhaps all you Anna Nicole films will insist on it screening at your local cineplex. Good luck with that. The film is said to chronicle Anna's entire life -- from her birth to her days at Playboy to her bogus marriage to her death. Since the film is currently still in production, I assume they'll continue to add nuggets of info regarding the recent custody battle over Anna's body and her daughter. (Hey, if they can somehow get Judge Larry Seidlin to play himself, I'm totally in!)

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