Virginia Madsen is all over the place lately. Since getting nominated for an Oscar for her stint in Sideways, she's been a Dangerous Woman, chilled with the Justice League, been involved with an Astronaut Farmer and spent some time on television. Now, although The Number 23 failed to impress, Madsen is already gearing up for another thriller. This time, she's going back to the supernatural and dealing with some pesky ghosts in the upcoming film, A Haunting in Connecticut.

If the film sounds familiar, that's because it was part of a series of documentaries called A Haunting in 2002. The story details a family who moves into a new house to be closer to the clinic where their son is getting cancer treatment. For some reason, they never thought to go into the basement before buying it, because they discover an embalming room and realize that they've bought an old funeral home. Their cancer-stricken son begins to see things, he is sent to a mental hospital and then the rest of the family gets the ghostly troubles. Of course, like any good haunted story, they look to some psychic investigators and a priest for help. Tim Metcalfe and Adam Simon wrote the screenplay for the feature, and the film should step into production in the late summer. Will this be more akin to her older, better thriller stints like Candyman and The Prophecy? Or, should she stop entertaining creepy flicks? Personally, I'll see this if they cast Craig Sheffer and have a Fire with Fire reunion.
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