Let's play a little word/movie association game. I'm going to tell you a few words, and you have to guess the plot. Ready? Vegas. Booze. Man. Woman. The last two might not be necessary, but if you thought of a plot that involves two people getting drunk in Sin City and getting married, you've got the plot for the upcoming 20th Century Fox film -- What Happens in Vegas (not the 2005 film with a tranny, hooker and mob boss). It's obviously steeped in cliche, but with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz heading it (their deals are almost closed), I'm sure that it will rake in the big bucks like a screaming, slot machine win.

The romcom is coming under helmer Julian Farino, the director of the cable television show Entourage, from a script by Dana Fox, who penned the recent The Wedding Date. Now I'm not sure that more plot details are necessary, but in case you're a fiend of sin and ill-conceived weddings, keep reading. Kutcher and Diaz are two people who find themselves married after a night of debauchery. One used the other's quarter to play the slots and won a huge jackpot. Of course, both want the money, and they try to undermine the other to get it. However, since this is a romantic comedy, they must fall in love while battling for the bucks. I can't help but wish that Britney Spears was in this role -- not for her acting chops, but it would've been amusing to see her in the role. And heck, they could've gotten Justin Timberlake and really reveled in self-mockery. (He's not the ex-hubbie, but he's the actor of the exes.) But alas, we'll have to settle for maybe-missus Timberlake and Mr. Moore.
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