Thanks to adaptations like Sin City, 300and the upcoming Hellboy sequel, Dark Horse Comics should be doing well with its back catalog sales. More publications will be adding extra funds to the company's bank account, too, as Dark Horse has just made a deal with Hyde Park Entertainment to bring other titles to the big screen. None of these new films will be as big as those previously mentioned -- they were produced and distributed by the big studios Dimension, Warner Bros. and Universal, respectively. Instead the deal specifies they will be medium-budget indies. The first adaptation announced is The Blackburne Covenant, which will be based on Fabian Nicieza's and Stefano Raffaele's graphic novel about a horror-fantasy novelist who has coincidentally and accidentally written a book about real events. Of course, the conspirators involved with the events are not happy about the exposure, and so they set out to kill the novelist.

It has been a long time since I read any Dark Horse titles, so I'm not sure what other films could come out of this deal, but I'm guessing that my favorite, Boris the Bear, will not be one of them. Could a modest-budget cover the costs of a Concrete film? And could Dark Horse make a live-action version of one of the Manga titles it licenses, preferably Gunsmith Cats? As for other titles, it seems there are already Rex Mundiand ArchEnemiesmovies in the works. I wonder what else would work as an independent film. Looking at Dark Horses' current best sellers, I've picked out the following two titles that sound like they'd make for good, cheaply produced features: City of Others, which features a hitman caught in the middle of a war between vampires and zombies; and The Secret, which is described as a coming-of-age mystery. Of course, I don't know if these comics are actually any good. Are there any Dark Horse fans out there with any better ideas?

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