So finally after all the hoopla caused by the MPAA's blustering about sanctions and withholding a rating for the horror flick, Captivity is finally on its way. And now they've launched a new website that if nothing else, won't have Lionsgate fending off charges of indecency. In promoting the story of a supermodel and a limo driver who are kidnapped and tortured by a faceless madman, you probably remember that After Dark caused a stir with their giant billboards of Elisha Cuthbert in a variety of unpleasant situations -- although I guess unpleasant is a bit of an understatement when you have a hook through your nose. It might be a little late in the game for the film after the accusations of misogynistic billboards, and the bad press of a delayed release date. Can a snazzy website really have that much of an effect? And it is a snazzy little site, but you would think that after all the complaints about the movie, they would have put an age disclaimer at the beginning. In the end, they don't need one, because despite all the bells and whistles, (or I guess clanking chains and dripping water to be more accurate) there is not all that much to the site.

We get another look at the slightly anti-climactic trailer that Scott told us about last April, and you can't help but notice that after the accusations of violence against women, they felt the need to pack the trailer full of scenes of escape rather than the pronounced torture theme the print advertising seemed to focus on. There are also some extra clips of the film sprinkled around the site and the usual array of photos and downloads. Now that Captivity will finally make its way to theaters later this June, we'll get to see if the movie was worth all the fuss.