Folks from New Haven, Connecticut finally have a reason to wake up in the morning and shout, "Heck yeah -- I'm from New Haven!" That's because it appears a little movie production is about to arrive in town; one that just so happens to go by the name of Untitled Indiana Jones Fourth Installment Adventure Series. That's right New Haven, Steven Spielberg and Co. want you! Well, actually, they don't want you -- they want your town, your streets, your shops and for you to get the hell out of the way. According to the New Haven Register (who are all over this breaking story), the production will "include some kind of car chase on Chapel between College and High streets." A car chase? In New Haven? What are the old farts up to?

As predicted, Spielberg's spokesman Martin Levy acknowledged the shooting, but said he had no details on it whatsoever. Liar! Although it is interesting to note that The Register claimed the film will star both Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. Last I checked, I didn't know Connery had officially signed on. Were they speculating? Were they fed the wrong information? Or do those folks in New Haven know more about this pic than the rest of us? Although Levy refused to shell out filming dates, one local merchant said she was told production would take place on June 28 and June 30. In order to obtain the look and feel of 1950s America, the Indy 4 crew will be converting a number of local shops to fit their needs, and have asked other owners to make their storefronts look "appropriate to the era." No word yet on whether filming will take place at Yale, but apparently New Haven was chosen because "they like the look of Yale," so says Barbara Lamb, director of the city's Office of Cultural Affairs. I hope you folks over in New Haven have your cameras ready; the internet expects you to snap the first photos of our 60 year-old hero next month. Good luck!

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