I know a lot of people come down on Jennifer Lopez for whatever reason (I heard she's not the friendliest person in the world), but as far as acting goes, I do think she has potential. Word has it that she's great in El Cantante, and I truly liked her performances in both Out of Sight and Bordertown (read my Berlin review of that film here). Of course, for every Selena, there's a Jersey Girl ... and a Monster-in-Law ... and a Gigli. What's next for the gal, you ask? Well, the Hollywood Reporter tells us that folks are moving forward with Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, with Lopez attached to star and Don Roos directing off his own script. I dig Roos. Did you see Happy Endings? The Opposite of Sex? He makes these ultra quirky relationship films that have just enough edge -- coupled with fantastic performances -- for us to not call out corny.

Capitol Films has boarded the film as a co-financier (just one of the many deals currently taking place over at the Cannes Film Festival), and they'll also be in charge of the pic's worldwide sales. With Marc Platt producing, story is said to revolve around the "tempestuous relationship" between a woman and her young stepson. Like with most of Roos' films, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits will mix a little comedy with a little drama, so that you'll be laughing at one point -- but then, when you least expect it, a tear slides down your cheek. Based on the title, I'm sure a lot of folks will crack the obvious Lopez joke; how the "Other Impossible Pursuits" include the actress trying to absolutely shine in a role. But I refuse to go there. Nope. Not me. I like her. I don't exactly know why I like her, but the talent is in there, somewhere. And here's hoping we see it come through soon.

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