Back in September of 2005, Martha Fischer posted about three remakes in the works to honor slain director Theo van Gogh. The three films were 06, Blind Date and Interview, to be shot by Bob Balaban, Stanley Tucci and Steve Buscemi, respectively. All were to be filmed last year on digital video, but things have been stretching out a bit. Buscemi has finished Interview, co-starring Sienna Miller, which will see its theatrical release on July 13. The next finds the Tooch helming Blind Date at the end of the month -- starring Stanley, Tony Shalhoub and Patricia Clarkson. Finally there was 06, which Balaban was going to direct. But for some reason, he is out and John Turturro is in.

This will be the actor's first feature since Romance & Cigarettes in 2005 -- which was definitely an interesting movie, but a bit irksome to have actors trying to sing over the original songs, rather than re-recording them. Since the remake is a film about sex lines, and 06 refers to the numbers associated with phone sex lines in the Netherlands, the title is being changed to 1-900. When this will gear up, and whether he will also star is anyone's guess. Considering the delays on this project, I don't think we'll know for a while. That's probably a good thing, because I'm still torn. The three films are definitely getting interesting choices for directors, and I love the Tooch most of all, but I'm still finding it hard to stomach. When the news first broke, Martha said it was "a move that either callously takes advantage of van Gogh's tragic fame or hopes to bring his work to a wider audience." I'm thinking the former -- how many people actually go to see the original foreign movie after an English remake?
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