After struggling through Hollywood for many a moon (he wrote BOTH Robocopsequels!), Frank Miller is officially hot stuff with the studios, based only on a pair of movies: 300, which spawned from his graphic novel, and Sin City, which also came from some of Miller's books, but also marked his co-directorial debut. The celebrated author / artist is about to leap into the director's chair with his very own project, and it's one that he's very passionate about: An adaptation of Will Eisner's classic comic book The Spirit.

According to Variety, Lionsgate and Odd Lot Entertainment will bankroll the project, with LG doing the distributing in North America and the UK. For those a little unfamiliar with the character: He's a masked vigilante who does battle with random criminals and a regular nemesis known as The Octopus. Miller considered the late Will Eisner "a dear friend" and a "mentor," so obviously he's going to approach his first solo directorial gig with a lot of care: "Translating his vision to the screen will be a labor of love." Word is that production on The Spirit will be scheduled once Mr. Miller knows when he'll be done on Sin City 2 with Robert Rodriguez. So not only will we be getting a new Frank Miller movie, but this gig might light a fire under the Sin City sequel. And that would be a very good thing.
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