We all know about the plights of Gotham residents -- big city, big rents, lots of people. The residents trudge along, trying to find sex, love, work, art and life against a backdrop of concrete and skyscrapers. Even with the small zoo in Central Park, it's not really the city of animals -- unless under the animated hand of Madagascar. But now the Big Apple is going to nature and the birds. Not Hitchcock's rabid birds, but...red-tail hawks along with some romantic comedy.

Although it has completely slipped by my radar, there's a book from Wall Street Journal ornithology writer Marie Winn called Red-Tails in Love. The tome is about humans and birds in Central Park over a period of five years, and includes Mary Tyler Moore and Woody Allen, as well as passages like: "heart-stoppingly beautiful song: Ee-oh-lee, ee-oh-loo-ee-lee, ee-lay-loo." Yup, now I understand why it has stayed off my radar -- I'm not a big fan of bird sounds written out. The project had been gestating over at Columbia with Nora Ephron for a while, but now Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont have got it. This will be the writing teams first directorial stint in ages. Their previous projects are the graduation comedy Can't Hardly Wait, and Josie and the Pussycats -- so it looks like they're eyeing older material these days. While they're also scribes (Made of Honor), they're not picking up the pen for this one. The adaptation will be written by Peter Speakman and Michael Galvin -- whose lone feature is Freak Talks About Sex, so this looks like a bit of a change for them as well. I don't know. So far, so not appealing. Has anyone read the book and can tell me otherwise?
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