At the tail-end of a lengthy and politically-oriented interview piece in The Scotsman, Sean Connery was asked about the status of his involvement in Indiana Jones 4. Unfortunately we're getting the same old story, but if you read between the lines it seems pretty obvious that the legendary actor will be back on board the series. "I've got their script," says Mr. Connery, which means that the Henry Jones character is definitely still a part of the story. (Otherwise why would Connery have a script?)

As the illustrious Chris Campbell told us last month, Connery made a "show me the money" comment when asked if he'd want to play James Bond Sr., which tells us the casting delay might be more financial than artistic in nature. But to hear Mr. Connery tell it, the hold-ups might be on the screenwriting end ... or he's still playing a little hardball.

"They're still working on it," he says, although it's not clear if that really means anything. "Working" could mean "haggling with my agent because I've said that I want a big paycheck for this gig." When asked if he could divulge any plot details, Connery (of course) refused: "You know they're paranoid about it." Well, gee. Maybe "working" on the script actually means "They could very well be writing the senior Jones out of the equation entirely." Here's hoping that Mr. Connery does decide to reprise his very amusing role in the third Indy sequel, but if he chooses not to ... he better not cause any production delays. I'd love to see this movie hit the screens before I'm Connery's age.
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