Once in a while I feel that it's my obligation to help spread the word on the smaller, independent, "under the radar" films that never received the attention they so richly deserved. And then other times I wanna join the mosh pit of rabid fanboys and kick back with some slickly mindless action flicks! Like 300! Woohoo! It's just a big sweaty ball of testosterone-swollen madness, ain't it? Well, the DVD is scheduled to hit shelf on July 31, and it looks like the fans will have two different versions to pick from.

The less-than-totally-manly option is the single-disc WIDESCREEN platter, which offers the movie and an audio commentary with director Zack Snyder, screenwriter Kurt Johnstad and cinematographer Larry Fong. That'll probably run you about 17 bucks at BB or CC. (Oh, like you don't know where to buy your DVDs every Tuesday.) On the other hand, if you truly want to be a glistening god among muddy men, you'll want to sink your teeth into the 2-disc Special Edition, which offers a second disc packed with seriously Spartastic surprises: deleted scenes (which promise MORE monsters and carnage!), a Frank Miller featurette, a "fact or fiction" look at the original source material, and a piece called "Who Were the Spartans?" in which a bunch of actors discuss material they probably looked up on Wikipedia two hours after landing the 300 gig.

Unfortunately it seems that there will be no "director's cut" of 300 -- or at least "not yet." If you think these are the only 300 DVDs that WB is ever going to offer, you're nuttier than that obese albino Persian maniac who has freaky sword-thingies where his arms oughtta be. And just to prove we didn't all imagine it, I'll double check the numbers. Yep, 300 actually did haul in $208 million domestic. I really dug the movie, but that total just boggles my mind. ($438 million worldwide! So why does Die Hard 4 need a PG-13? Anyone?)
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