My distaste for The Ex has been well-documented at this particular website, but I also make no secret about my affections for Jason Bateman. (No, not those kinds of affections!) I've been with the guy since the It's Your Move days (yep, all seven episodes), from the countless failed sitcoms to the intermittent-yet-amusing movie cameos to the stunningly awesome and brilliantly hilarious Arrested Development. Frankly it'd take a lot more than "The Ex" for me to give up on Jason Bateman. Looks like director Joe Carnahan is also a big fan of the guy.

J.B. delivered one of the funniest turns in Carnahan's certifiably insane Smokin' Aces, and the duo are poised to reunite on a project called The Remarkable Fellows. According to Variety, it's an action comedy buddy brother flick about a pair of professional "revenge distributors" who are "part James Bond, part Ricky Jay." Universal will bankroll and Bateman will play one of the brothers. (I silently pray that Will Arnett will play the other, but I'm not exactly holding my breath.) Seems that Joe and Jason will collaborate on the screenplay before the director helms White Jazz with George Clooney and Bateman runs off to the superhero comedy Tonight, He Comes with Will Smith, Charlize Theron and director Peter Berg. All I know for sure is that the Remarkable premise, hell just the Variety article, is a whole lot more entertaining than The Ex.
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