Yes, that headline is entirely accurate: Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, inarguably two of America's most talented, adored and expensive actors, will reunite for the second time in their careers ... in a movie bankrolled by indie firm Nu Image Films. You might be scratching your head wondering "Yeah, so? What's so nutty about that?" Well, only that, for the most part, Nu Image is a schlock-house known for churning out movies called Raging Sharks, Mansquito and Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire. What's going on here?

has the bizarre news from Cannes: Pacino and De Niro will star in Righteous Kill as two cops who are searching for a serial killer. Jon Avnet (best known for chick flicks) has been tapped to direct; the screenplay comes from Inside Man scribe Russell Gewirtz; and the Nu Image / Millennium Films production will kick off this August in Connecticut. One can only assume that 2/3rds of the $60 million budget will go to the one-two punch of leading man magic.

Nu Image chief Avi Lerner does his best Avi Arad impression when talking about the flick: "This is an event in world history ... They were in two scenes in Heat. In this movie they are in the whole thing together." By Avi's logic, you could make a movie called Bob and Al Sit on a Park Bench and it'd be an event in world history. Matter of fact, isn't everything an "event in world history"? Mr. Lerner contends that the project came together because the actors really wanted to work together again. Large trucks of money backing up to the guys' houses are never mentioned once. OK, I gotta be completely fair: In the last few years, Nu Image has semi-backed away from the non-stop schlock parade to help bankroll movies like The Black Dahlia, The Wicker Man and the upcoming Rambo 4... Wait, what was my point again?
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