Look, I know these summer blockbuster trailers are designed to tease money out of your wallet, but sometimes you have to admit they do a bang-up job. Although I just finished watching the thing two minutes ago, I already know this brand spanking new Transformers trailer will place amongst the ten best of 2007. The friggin' thing is literally jam-packed with everything you've ever wanted out of a summer popcorn flick -- lots of sweet-looking special effects, badass good guys, wicked villains and, um, Shia LaBeof. Okay, Shia aside, Michael Bay finally gave us enough of a satisfying taste to know what it will be like once this monstrosity finally arrives in theaters. And if you have a few minutes, might I suggest crawling into a hole, throwing on some headphones and checking this thing out in HD. Trust me, it's worth it.

The only questionable aspect of the film (which is conveniently left out of this trailer) are the robot's voices. Granted, I'm sure the voice work is still not complete, but I do wonder why they decided to keep it out. Does Bay simply want fans to wait to hear Peter Cullen's Optimus Prime until their comfortably seated in the theater? Or were the voices kept out of the trailer on purpose; perhaps the powers that be were afraid they might hinder the hype? I'm not a mind reader; I have no idea. All I'm saying is that it seemed a tad odd. But regardless, you could watch this thing on mute from 100 yards a way and still feel compelled to shell out the 10 bucks on opening day. Starring Shia LaBeof, Megan Fox, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro and Jon Voight, Transformers will look to transform your life on July 4.