Just yesterday we learned that actor Thomas Jane was hanging up his Punisher T-shirt (you know, the black one with the skull on it) for good, and today there seems to be just a little more news regarding the sequel. According to Freeze Dried Movies (aka Bloody-Disgusting.com), none other than John Dahl is presently in talks to helm The Punisher 2. We'll give FDM the benefit of the doubt until we get some secondary confirmation, but this would be a pretty interesting pairing. (And if it turns out our source is right, then damn good job on the scoop, fellas.)

For those who thought film noir died in the '60s, let me introduce John Dahl. Sometimes writer / solid director behind The Last Seduction, Red Rock West, Joy Ride and Rounders, Dahl is (in this commentator's humble opinion) a damn fine filmmaker. OK sure, that Unforgettable flick was pretty darn ... forgettable, but I'm one of the few who thought Mr. Dahl's foray into the wartime genre (The Great Raid) was quite the underrated flick. (The director also has the dark comedy You Kill Me scheduled for a June 22 release.) But would a fairly indie-minded filmmaker like John Dahl (who's had a pair of pretty painful studio experiences) actually be interested in helming a movie called The Punisher 2? Maybe not, but I'd be willing to bet if Dahl does climb on board, we're going to get a much better flick than the first Punisher, Thomas Jane or no Thomas Jane.
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