On the one hand, there's Julie Delpy. She's divorced the unable-to-consummate Karol, played a lipstick lesbian and lusted and loved an American named Jesse. She also makes films like 2 Days in Paris, which inspired Erik Davis to say: "if you're not wiping off tears of laughter and heartache by the time the end credits roll ... well, then you're simply not human." On the other hand, there's Vincent Gallo. He's been in a myriad of roles, which are probably best encompassed by his 2001 films -- Get Well Soon, the Courtney Cox co-starring film about a troubled talk show host and Trouble Every Day, Claire Denis' sex/gore film. He's also the guy behind the wildly-popular Buffalo '66 and the troubling The Brown Bunny and as if that wasn't enough -- he sells his sperm and body on the Internet.

Hearing that they're co-starring together in a criminal movie sounds puzzling at first. They are definitely not the first pair I'd think to throw together (although they did get some screen time together in L.A. Without a Map). The film in question is The Last Mile, and it is a thriller currently being launched at Cannes. The duo are part of a group of criminals who try to pull off an amateurish heist. Unfortunately, their getaway car gets stuck in a huge traffic jam. While I'm not entirely titillated by the premise, there is something about the thought of Delpy and Gallo stuck in a car in infuriating traffic that will have me running to the theaters. They've each got a good hold on neurotic craziness, and I can just imagine them clashing. Delpy is co-producing the feature with Christophe Mazodier, and it will be the freshman feature of writer-director Philippe Rouquier. Unfortunately, the film has to wait for Delpy to film her second feature, The Countess, which means that it won't go into production until January. Countess actually has Gallo on the cast list ... is Delpy the next lady in Gallo's romantic wasteland?
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