I could have sworn we just got a movie about a married couple who wander into a deserted area only to be brutally attacked by three crazy nutcases. It was called Vacancy, it was actually pretty darn good, and it vanished from theaters quicker than you can say "Luke Wilson." Now comes a similar-sounding flick from Rogue, only this one's a little bit different: Instead of Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale holing up in a nasty motel, The Strangers has Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler holing up in a log cabin. (There are still three psychos, don't worry.)

For those who'd love to see what Liv Tyler would look like with her face all slashed up (argh, not Liv!), Bloody-Disgusting.com has a brand-new photo album filled with Strangers pics. (Normally I have no interest in strangers' photographs...) The flick, which sounds a lot more like Michael Haneke'sFunny Games the more I think about it, comes from first-time writer/director Bryan Bertino. Rogue aims to release the thriller on July 13th, which means we should be getting a trailer some time soon. Until then, the pics. (I do like the '70s-style poster art they're going with! Very Terror Train-y. Well, kinda.)
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