Last week, Mena Suvari told Ryan during a press junket that she would be in the upcoming adaptation of the great, unfinished Ernest Hemingway novel -- The Garden of Eden -- news that I couldn't be happier about. The picture is to be helmed by John Irvin. He hasn't done many high-profile films lately, but he is the guy behind the 80's film Hamburger Hill, so hopefully he's got the chops for the project. Now Variety has fleshed out the cast for us. Besides Suvari, there is Jack Huston (yes, of the Huston dynasty), Caterina Murino (Casino Royale) and Richard E. Grant (do I need to explain who he is!?).

As Ryan said last week, the storyline is a love triangle between an ex-pat (David) and wife (Catherine) traveling through Europe, and a woman named Marita who they both fall for. It's also an interesting and pretty progressive look at gender bending that Hemingway started to write just after the end of World War II. Throughout the novel and affair, Catherine experiments with masculinity -- wearing pants and getting her hair cut, as well as saying things like: "I'm a girl. But now I'm a boy too and I can do anything ..." Heck, the gender-bending even extends into the bedroom. This novel undoubtedly has its roots in Hemingway's own childhood, where his mother would dress him in girl's clothing. Of course, as Variety describes, Suvari will be playing Catherine and Murino will be playing Marita. Sliding the men into their roles should be easy enough, I imagine Huston will play David, and Grant will take on Colonel John Boyle -- an acquaintance of the couple. The film will start production this month in Spain, and hopefully release will come soon after.
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