What happens when you take psychological suspense films and merge them with 60's beach party movies? You get Psycho Beach Party -- a modern, warped homage that gives hope to spoof flicks -- especially in the days of eye-travesties like Epic Movie. The film is by no means a modern marvel of satire, but it is a fun, gender-bending, groovy surfing send-off to the old and loved, yet terrible movies of the past.

Psycho Beach Party
focuses on Lauren Ambrose, pre-Six Feet Under, as Florence Forrest. A social outcast along with her friend Berdine, Florence is in those itchy years of puberty – she's starting to fall for boys, but is still stuck in the awkward innocence of youth. It also doesn't help that she's also got a tough, wonder-woman-Donna-Reed mom named Ruth (Beth Broderick). Florence's innocence is soon to change, however, because dead people keep popping up, and boy-crazy Marvel Ann (pre-Oscar nomination Amy Adams) needs a drive to the beach so that she can hit on a cute surfer named Starcat (Buffy's Nicholas Brendon).

Florence ends up joining Starcat's surfing circle, which includes two obviously gay, yet totally delusional surfers, a guy with one testicle and another who suffers from psoriasis. They dub her "Chicklet," and she learns to surf under the tutelage of Kanaka (Thomas Gibson). Unfortunately, a wrench is put in her upward mobility – she has split personalities. Any time she gets worked up, circular objects begin to spin in her eyes and she snaps into her alter ego -- Ann Bowman, a saucy, deep-voiced sexual dynamo. (On the odd occasion, she also turns into Tyleen, a sassy black girl.) As Ann, she growls over those who put Florence down, but she mainly bides her time in an off-screen kinkfest with Kanaka, who in one scene proudly displays "Ann Bowman Rules" carved into his butt cheek.