It looks like Scarlett Johansson is having a bit of a love affair with Europe (beyond her flirtation with Woody Allen). She's got his upcoming, yet still untitled, Spanish project and a role as a Greek gladiatrix. But her big obsession seems to be with historical Britain and France -- especially the turmoil around the crown and King Henry VII. When Kevin Kelly talked about her Delorean-traveling ways, she was attached to The Other Boleyn Girl, Mary Queen of Scots and Napoleon and Betsy. The first has gone into post-production, and the second is slowly heading forward.

News from Cannes is that Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media will be giving the cash for the film and Capitol Films has nabbed the worldwide rights. The script is coming from Jimmy McGovern, frequent BAFTA television nominee, and the film will be directed by John Curran, who brought us the dysfunctional couples triangle film We Don't Live Here Anymore. Behind-the-scenes of the film sounds good and all, but I'm not so sure about Johansson. I like her, but she's the queen of disaffected acting, not necessarily the Queen of Scots. Her technique has worked for a number of her roles, but I'm not so sure that it's suitable for the Scot who became a queen at 2, a wife at 15, a widow at 17, and then spent the rest of her life in terrible familial and political turmoil, which culminated in many of her last years spent in prison before a gruesome beheading at the age of 44. Hmm.. I wonder if she'll have an accent, or just speak in the regular Johansson drawl. I imagine Mary had a pretty unique sound, growing up in France, then living in Scotland and being really multilingual. Okay, so what do you think? Is she Mary?
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