Perhaps we're just a tad late to the game on this one, but I simply had to add in my two cents about the brand new hot-to-trot statue of Spider-Man's main gal Mary Jane. For those who aren't yet aware of this priceless collectible, you can check it out to the right of your screen. Yup, that's Mary Jane holding her man's Spidey costume and casually bending over a wash-bucket with a pink thong riding high up on her waist. Created by comic-book illustrator Adam Hughes, the limited-edition Comiquette comes from Sideshow Collectibles and is licensed by Marvel. And if you're interested in placing Ms. Mary Jane in your living room (right next to your Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 2.1 DVDs, I imagine), then she'll set you back a crisp $125.

Not surprisingly, bloggers everywhere are all up in arms over this trashy, yet smokin' hot version of Mary Jane. Hughes hilariously describes his creation as "Mary Jane discover[ing] that her superhero husband has slipped some of his laundry into the mix, but she's not looking too displeased about Peter's naughty little transgression." Funnily enough, all the outrage has done nothing by spark a feeding frenzy; the statue (which is available through the Collectibles web site) has already sold out, with a waiting list recently added. Now here's where I get to tell you what I think. First off, who cares? The majority of folks who actually buy these statues are geeked-out males (or fanboys) who like to steal a peak at their purchase while surfing for the latest Star Trek fan art. (And based on some of the fan art I've seen, this statue is quite tame). I see nothing wrong with it; she's not naked, she's not revealing too much (unlike a certain "rain scene" from one of the films) and, quite simply, she looks good. Thoughts?

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