There's a fascinating little chain of command that's starting to form as far as certain actresses go, and you'd be surprised to see who's at the top. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that for the second time in two months, Sienna Miller has landed a role that, at one point, was owned by Lindsay Lohan. First, she replaced La Lohan on The Best Times of Our Lives (which has since changed its corny title to The Edge of Love). Now, Miller replaces Jessica Biel (who originally replaced Lohan) on Importance (which was previously known as A Woman of No Importance). Are you still with me? Good.

Loosely based on the Oscar Wilde play, Importance tells of a 19 year-old American girl (a bit of a stretch for the 26 year-old Miller, but okay) who falls madly in love with the womanizing Lord Illingworth (Sean Bean) in the English countryside, but must fend off the menacing mother (Annette Bening) of Illingworth's illegitimate child who, come to think of it, might have a thing for the pretty American too. Right now, there's no word on why Biel has left the project; we recently reported that she's signed on to star in the ensemble drama Powder Blue, but I can't imagine that had anything to do with it. Needless to say, it appears Miller and Biel are now in a position where they're fighting over Lohan's sloppy seconds. How, exactly, did that happen? Unlike Biel, however, Miller is having no trouble lining up projects left, right and sideways; aside from Importance, her Stardust will be released this summer, they're in post production on another one of her pics, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, she's currently filming Edge of Love and she just signed on to star in Hippie Hippie Shake. Hey, but Biel was the Sexiest Woman Alive a few years back. I think. Shouldn't that count for something?

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