Who can tell me the very first film Tom Cruise appeared in? (I'll give you a hint: 1981.) Yes, you in the Xerxes T-shirt. Nope, I'm sorry. Not Taps. The answer I was looking for is Endless Love. It came out a few months before Taps. But Endless Love isn't getting a remake. Taps is. (How's that for a creative lead-in?)

Yes, Taps, the movie about young military cadets who decide to "commandeer" their academy when the condo developers threaten to bulldoze, is about to be re-imagined for a whole new generation of people who are already deathly afraid of military academies. The original was directed by Harold Becker, whose credits include The Onion Field, Sea of Love and Malice, whereas the new one will arrive courtesy of director Frank E. Flowers, who directed that rather lame Haven movie that nobody saw. (I did, and you made the right decision.) Taps helped to launch the careers of Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn and the Cruise missile, so I can just picture all the young heartthrobs in Hollywood clamoring for a spot in this Fox production.

The original film (which was based on the novel Father Sky by Devery Freeman) was written by Robert Mark Kamen, who'd eventually go on to pen the awesomest trilogy of all time (The Karate Kid). The new one will be written by ... Frank E. Flowers! He's everywhere! "The political climate and the psyche of the country make it an exciting time to tell that story," is what Flowers had to say, which I choose to interpret as "We figured out a way to make a new movie about kids with guns in schools!" Or maybe it's just me who's being cynical. Yeah that's it.
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