You're all a bunch of intelligent and well-informed movie nerds, so try to answer this question for me: When (MOVIE X) gets bumped out of a release date and is promptly rescheduled for next January, what does that usually mean? A) The movie's really awesome and the distributor wants it to be the only good movie to hit screens during the "dump" season, B) The movie's really crappy and the distributor wants to dump it quietly when nobody will notice it, or C) The delay is because the backers are SO thrilled with the flick that they're giving the director some extra money for reshoots.

Filmmaker Kyle Newman is insisting that "C" is the correct answer, thus explaining why you won't be able to see the Star Wars-centric comedy Fanboys until the first month of 2008. (The previous release date was August 17.) The director goes a little bi-polar in an email to First he's devastated ("I am devastated") and then he's excited ("I am so excited") but the bottom line is that you fanboys will have to wait a little bit longer for your self-titled comedy. For those who haven't seen the trailer yet: Fanboys is about a bunch of late-'90s movie nerds who go on a cross-country road trip in an effort to steal a pre-release print of The Phantom Menace. Could make for a clever little comedy, but I'm a little skeptical of the trailer, which makes the flick look like a painful cross between Wild Hogs and Detroit Rock City. I just don't see what sleeping-bag homophobia and forced stripping has to do with Star Wars fandom.
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