It never fails to amaze me that despite the huge amount of public attention that Lindsay Lohan gets, very little of it actually has anything to do with her talent -- unless you count getting caught on security cameras with allegedly illicit substances a talent. But the director of her latest film, I Know Who Killed Me, is singing her praises on Bloody Disgusting. BD spoke with director Chris Sivertson, and he was eager to describe his working relationship with Lohan, saying, "Lindsay and I hit it off right away. It's fantastic to work with somebody that gifted. Her dual roles in the film were extremely demanding - both physically and emotionally and she pulled it all off with true style" -- a definite change from the last opinion voiced about Lohan's work ethic. Some highlights from Lohan's commitment issues of late include her dropping out of the Dylan Thomas biopic The Best Time of Our Lives, and then being replaced by Jessica Biel in A Woman of No Importance (although in a strange twist, both parts eventually went to Sienna Miller).

I Know centers on a young woman who is abducted and murdered by a brutal serial killer, only to show up in a hospital claiming that she is not who they think she is. The film, which also features Julia Ormond and Neil McDonough, is set to open July 27th, which seems like a strange date to pick since it is also when The Simpsons Movie hits theaters, but I guess they aren't competing for the same audiences. When it comes to Lohan's tabloid history, hopefully her talent will outlive her notoriety, and then comments like Sivertson's won't come as such a surprise.

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