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  • Remember that Suspiria remake that died a year ago? Scott Weinberg posted about screenwriter Steven Katz saying that there would probably be no remake because they can't find "a reason for the witches to be using a dance academy for their evil-doings." It looks like someone has found a way around it -- the latest word from Cannes is that Italian production house First Sun had grabbed the rights to the remake, which will be an English-language flick. Unfortunately, there's no further word on the project other than a quote about the company's excitement about the project. Apparently, there's a gothic resurgence going on.
  • I really know nothing much about this next bit of news, but I had to include it because of its great Swedish name that's giving me flashbacks to Frusen Glädjé. Last year, Swedish writer Sara Kadefors released a book called Fågelbovägen 32, which is now going to be adapted into a feature film. I'm assuming that she'll be adapting the book, since the author is going to make her feature directorial debut with the movie. Fågelbovägen is psychological thriller about a woman who is in danger after she befriends another woman. Pernilla August, who played Anakin's mom in Episode I, is set to star.
  • I never thought I'd type this, but Pedro Almodóvar is sort of following in the footsteps of James Cameron, and is gearing up to help put some ancient ruins on film. His production company, El Deseo has began production on a docudrama about the discovery of the ruins of an ancient Peruvian rule -- El Senor de Sipan. Jose Manuel Novoa is directing the movie, which will detail the life of the man who ruled Peru 1,700 years ago, a reign that includes "sackings, murders and intrigue" by combining dig discoveries with elaborate sets and re-creations. Sounds pretty funky to me.
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