Who doesn't love a good Renaissance Fair? There's jousting, jesters, minstrels and sword fighting, not to mention those boggling tasty turkey legs. Sometimes you can also check out comedic mud wrestling and members of the royal court. Granted, these things wipe away the reality of the times. It's shockingly clean, no one is really sent to the gallows and certain famous Queens get to keep their heads. If you're itching, however, to "know" what goes on behind the scenes at these recreations, and you haven't been watching some of the Gilmore Girls RennFair episodes, Jack Black will be on his way to save the day.

One of the films currently being shopped around at Cannes is Ye Olde Times. The movie will center on "two rival fairs vying for ownership of all things Middle Ages" and Black is starring as Professor Shockworthy -- the movie's narrator who tutors some "romantically entwined characters in the mysterious ways of love." Considering some of Black's lesser-loved work lately, I wouldn't be half as excited if it weren't for the great mix of comedic testosterone that's joining him -- Tim Robbins, Will Arnett, Cary Elwes and a cameo by John C. Reilly. I wonder if Arnett will be some sort of Medieval magician, and whether Elwes will channel some Wesley and do as we wish? Finally, I find it pretty telling that the plot specifically describes a "romantically entwined" set of characters, but there are no maids or maidens on the cast list. Will Black, perhaps, be tutoring Robbins and another lucky man on the ways of love? Oh, the possibilities! Codpieces and turkey legs, oh my!
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