For those just joining us,The Edge of Loveis a semi-biopic of *poet Dylan Thomas that's currently filming in some bog in the U.K. (When I tried to interview one of the stars, Cillian Murphy, by phone for a Tribeca film a couple of weeks ago, I was told that he was "filming somewhere so remote that he's even unreachable by phone.") The story of Edge will revolve around a bitter rivalry between two of the poet's muses, who will be played by Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller. Lindsay Lohan was originally set to play the Miller role, but this became one of the many films she's opted out of lately. Thomas will be played by Matthew Rhys, Miller will play his wife Caitlin, while Knightley has the role of a chlidhood friend and Murphy is the friend's husband. Got all that? Okay, good. We now have, from a gossip rag, the first pic from the film, of Keira Knightley looking very dowdy and black-haired. She's got the whole 'jealous harpy' thing going on, I think.

By the way, if you're wondering how rising star Murphy got aced out of what would seem like the plum role -- the poet himself -- from what we know of the film it seems like he actually has the good part. His jealous husband character is actually a military nut who ends up attacking Thomas with a machine gun and a grenade! No doubt he'll make the most of that. One final note about the film -- there are two different titles floating around for it, the one mentioned above and The Best Times of our Lives, which I could have sworn was the official title up until a couple weeks ago. I have to say I'm not really crazy about either of them. They should put their thinking caps on while there's still time and come up with something better, don't you agree?

*I originally wrote Irish poet, while thinking of Irishman Cillian Murphy.
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