A London-based charity called ARK recently held a big dinner, where Prince, Madonna and Bill Clinton showed up, and they auctioned off a bunch of prizes, one of which caught my eye - a "day on the next James Bond film set with actor Daniel Craig." I've been trying to get some further detail on this, but there's very practically no information available. (Another prize auctioned off included dinner with Mikhail Gorbachev.) Somehow I doubt that the prize-winner will end up lounging on a beach chair, watching as Daniel Craig films his love scenes with Carice van Houten (cross your fingers) but will instead be sort of hustled in and out in the space of a half-hour. Cinematical recently sent one of our people to the set of a major upcoming thriller and the person ended up watching an actor open and close a cab door for a million takes. It's a tough business, folks. The fact that the prize specifically says "with actor Daniel Craig" implies there will be a quick meet-and-greet and that will pretty much be it.

On a separate Bond note, the Bond girl rumors have now officially gone overboard, with some gossip rags reporting that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are being courted to play 'good Bond girl twins' in Bond 22. Even in the homestretch of Pierce Brosnan's Bond run, when there were was an invisible car, a villain trying to take over the world with giant ant-burning magnifying glass and a machine that could change a person's race, no one would have dared suggest something so over-the-top as casting the Olsens. It's just not happening. So let's all go back to waiting for the official announcement of Carice van Houten's casting, which will hopefully be coming very soon.

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