Just as Lindsay Lohan says: "I Know Who Killed Me," I know you are all anxious to see pictures from the film. Right? Well, People just released the first look at the film, but it is pretty G-rated fare. We've got a poster and two pictures. None are torturific or stripperific. In case you've missed word on her latest film, which is entirely possible due to all the other stories that fly around that girl on a daily basis, here's the lowdown: Lohan plays a stripper who is kidnapped and tortured before being released. After her ordeal, she claims she's someone else, and plot descriptions are sure to point out that it could be post-traumatic stress, or something else.

Oh, and of course, she gets her legs lopped off -- all in Lohan's quest to be a serious, Oscar-winning actress. Never mind the fact that she passed up a number of films that probably would've given her more cred. Never mind the fact that stripper torture films aren't usually considered to be serious fare. Eh, that's all irrelevant. Maybe she's just looking to balance news about her pole-dancing lessons with more serious chatter. But back to the images. We've got a funky-looking poster that sports a blue rose merged with her face and a trailing, single drop of blood, Lohan coming out from behind a red curtain and a shot with Brian Geraghty, who plays her boyfriend. There notable thing here is that he's giving Lohan a blue rose, so that has to fit into the bigger picture somehow, since it is on the poster as well.

So, there you have it. Lohan is the latest in the long line of actresses playing strippers and torture victims, but no money shots are yet available. For once I am kind of happy for her role. Lohan has a tendency to kill some movie mojo, so maybe her being a stripper will slash this unending need to parade them on-screen. Then again, I'm just fooling myself. If Elizabeth Berkeley can't kill the trend, I'm sure it will continue on and on and on.
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