Since "tis the season" for making movie deals, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Rick Moody's novel Purple America has been purchased by Pedro Almodóvar's El Deseo for a big screen treatment. Already slated to direct the film is Jorge Torregrossa, who has made a name for himself in Spain as a director or award-winning commercials. Moody's novel centers on a successful publicist who is called home to care for his mother, who is slowly deteriorating from a neurological disease and who asks her son to assist in her suicide. So not exactly the most upbeat sounding film, but if you are at all familiar with Moody's work then the somewhat "downer" subject matter won't exactly come as a surprise.

This will be the second film adaptation for Moody, the first being The Ice Storm back in 1997 -- just to confuse matters he was also the author of the novel Garden State about a group of disaffected teens struggling with adulthood, but it bears no relation to the Zach Braff movie of the same name about a group of disaffected twenty-somethings struggling with adulthood, but its a wacky coincidence none the less. Future Films and Arcadia Capital are currently putting together the financing for the film, but it is still very early days for the project so it will probably be a long time before we get word of a cast.
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