With only 2 months until Milos Forman's Goya's Ghosts is sent out into limited release stateside, a trailer has finally hit the Internet. The movie centers on Francisco Goya (Stellan Skarsgård) and his painting subject, Inés (Natalie Portman). After posing for the painter, she is picked up by the Spanish Inquisition under accusations that she's a heretic who practices Jewish rituals. She's tortured, confesses and is kept in the dungeons until Napoleon's army arrives and frees the Inquisition's victims. The pair are further tied together by Brother Lorenzo (Javier Bardem) who proves to be only a little brotherly, and more dastardly. And just to make the mix more interesting, there's also Randy Quaid as King Carlos IV.

Most of the previous buzz about the film didn't center on this being Forman's first feature since Man on the Moon, but that Portman had a nude torture scene. The trailer only briefly focuses on that, and instead fleshes out what looks to be a pretty interesting movie. There's a lot of attention places on Goya's art as much as Inés' plight. However, the trailer powers that be have really got to get a handle on when those cheesy voiceover voices are appropriate. In April, I shared the Bug trailer that was all sorts of goofy, and now Ghosts is a bit tarnished by the disembodied voice giving the run-down. With scenes of troubled painting, inquisition and torture, do we really need to hear things like "...a woman adored for her beauty" all deep and gravelly when Portman pops up on-screen? These voices have their place, but not for a period piece about one of Spain's most famous painters -- especially when it clashes with the accents on-screen.