Nobody wants it in real life, but in film it can make a point or drive the plot forward. It's Grievous Bodily Harm week on Trailer Park.

Steve Buscemi stars in and directs this film about a washed up political journalist who finds himself reduced to interviewing a B-level actress (played by Sienna Miller) whose sex life is bigger news than her films. It's loath at first sight, but after Buscemi's character bashes his noggin in a fender bender the two embark upon a love/hate relationship. This is a remake of the 2003 Dutch film of the same name directed by Theo Van Gogh. Buscemi is at his twitchy, quirky best here, and Miller manages to pull off an interesting combination of sultry and obnoxious. I like how this international trailer is different from an American preview, using a distinctly softer sell. Erik Davis reviewed the film here, and it goes into limited U.S. release on July 13.

My nieces used to have the Bratz dolls, and what I remember most about them is that you had to pull off their feet to change their shoes (the dolls, not my nieces). I really doubt that's going to happen in this film based on Bratz line of toys, but it was in my head all the way through the trailer (thus qualifying for the Grievous Bodily Harm edition), and I was frankly disappointed when it didn't happen. Four teenage girls strive to figure out what high school clique they are most suited for, all the while dressing fabulously. I'm pretty far removed from the target demographic, so thirteen-year-old girls may love this dumbed down version of Mean Girls, but I can't see the appeal being broad enough to bring in a mainstream audience. Here's Scott's take on the trailer.