Wait, so He-Man is happening? While a big-screen He-Man project has gone back-and-forth a number of times (at one point, both John Woo and M. Night Shyamalan were attached), AICN claims they know exactly what's going on. According to them, Joel Silver has climbed onboard as producer and newbie scribe Justin Marks has been assigned the task of turning in a workable script. Don't know who Justin Marks is? He's the dude that David Goyer's wife discovered, thus landing him the gig writing that SuperMax flick (aka Green Arrow Goes to Prison). Not only that, but he's also attached to write a big-screen version of Voltron (seems someone professed his love for cheesy '80s action icons during one or two pitch meetings.)

If true, this probably means current He-Man scribe Adam Rifkin is no longer involved in the film. So when he said last month that the film was going to get made, he was being truthful -- it's being made, just not with him. It's also important to note that Warner Bros. has taken charge of this monster, which means those rumors about Legendary Pictures being involved weren't so far-fetched. Ah, but what about the one that claimed Brad Pitt's name was circling the starring role? Well, since then his reps have declined knowing anything about it. However, seeing as the studios have been thinking "outside the box" regarding superhero casting as of late (Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Ed Norton as The Hulk), I wouldn't be surprised if Pitt's name shows up again down the line. We need someone who's blonde and hella strong. Who would you choose to play He-Man?

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