One of the best things about Cannes is the randomness of what's playing in the marketplace, the bustling buzz of smaller screenings where distributors look for films and vice-versa; a great demonstration of that came on Thursday. Just the week before I had been watching a DVD copy of Bruce McDonald's Highway 61 and wondering if McDonald had anything new in the works, and there it was in the Market schedule: Palais 1, 1300: The Tracey Fragments, dir. Bruce McDonald.

Staring Ellen Page (Hard Candy, X-Men III), The Tracey Fragments tells the story of 15-year old Tracey Berkowitz. We first meet Tracey at the back of a city bus, wearing nothing but a shower curtain; she tells us how she got there, a tale involving Tracey's friendship with a local loser (Max McCabe-Lokos), her crush on the new cool boy in school Billy Zero (Slim Twig) and the disappearance of her little brother Sonny. Tracey's story skips all over the place, and so does the film; every shot in The Tracey Fragments is made up of multiple panels -- now and then ordered in geometric precision, occasionally as random and shattered as Tracey's thoughts and life.
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