Mandate Pictures announced yesterday that Eva Mendes has signed for Curve, a thriller about a woman who takes a detour into a backwoods area of New York and "finds herself at the mercy of a psychopathic killer." There's no other description given so far, but the film is being written by James Vanderbilt, who wrote the John Travolta military suspense film Basic as well as David Fincher's procedural Zodiac, so its more likely to be a full-on suspense film than any kind of Wolf Creek type-deal, I would imagine. As for Mendes, she was most recently seen in the Tribeca film Live! and will next appear in the crime drama We Own the Night, alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg. She's also currently working on Renny Harlin's next film, Cleaner, a crime thriller about a former cop played by Samuel L. Jackson who now makes a living cleaning up crime scenes.

So what have we learned here? Eva Mendes doesn't like romantic comedies or isn't being offered them anymore, I guess. In conjunction with the Mendes announcement, Mandate Pictures also announced on Friday that they are getting more involved in direct-to-DVD films, launching Grindstone Entertainment Group. The deal will allow for up to six films a year to be made under the banner, which will be specifically for home entertainment distribution, as well as online and mobile.

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