I have to say that I love Michael Winterbottom's range. It's not every man who Welcome to Sarajevo, The Claim, 24 Hour Party People, A Cock and Bull Story, 9 Songs and A Mighty Heart on their resume. Not to mention the fact that he's trucking along with the movie making. He's got the upcoming Angelina Jolie flick, A Mighty Heart, on the way, as well as another true-story, overseas production, Murder in Samarkand, in the works. But in between the political turmoil, Winterbottom is looking into a ghostly story named Genova, as Christopher Campbell alerted us about in November.

The film is about a man who loses his wife and moves to Italy with his teen daughters, while suffering from haunting ghosts of his past. Colin Firth has been with the project for a while, but now the rest of the cast has been fleshed out. His co-stars are The Weather Man'sHope Davis and The 40 Year Old Virgin love interest Catherine Keener, and presumably one of them will be the wife who widowed him. As for his daughters, I assume they are the next two in the cast -- teen actress Willa Holland, who played Kaitlin Cooper on The O.C., and Perla Haney-Jardine, who was most recently Penny Marko in Spider-Man 3. Of course, Winterbottom says of the choices: "I am very excited about working with such wonderful actors in such a beautiful city. It is a story I have been working on for a while." The movie will begin shooting at the end of next month in, of course, Genova, Italy, as well as Boston. But I agree with Campbell -- I'm hoping gets back to the comedies before he gets into a drama groove.
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