It looks like Milla Jovovich finished work on Resident Evil: Extinction just in time, since she might not exactly be in fighting form for the next little while. Jovovich was set to star in The Winter Queen for Paul Verhoeven, but she has now confirmed that she is pregnant, and the film is going to have to be put on hold. Originally set to begin this July, production is now expected to resume sometime this spring. This won't be the only big-budget production that Jovovich is putting on hold due to her pregnancy; she has also postponed her wedding to director Paul W.S. Anderson, saying, "I don't want to do a white-trash wedding with a big belly."

The Winter Queen is based on the novel of the same name by Russian author Boris Akunin, and the story follows a government clerk turned detective who, while investigating a seemingly simple suicide, is caught up in a greater conspiracy. Jovovich was set to play the "femme fatale" in the film, which might have been a little difficult to pull off in her second trimester. News of the delay was made public during a press event at Cannes, when the producer, Peter Hoffman, announced that a film version of William Gibson'sNeuromancer was going to replace Verhoeven's Queen as his high-profile production. There is no word on whether Verhoeven will be looking for another project while he waits for Jovovich, he could always try some volunteer work to catch up with his fellow knights.
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