There are few bigger names in American history than Martin Luther King, Jr, but his story has never really gotten the big-screen treatment it deserves. Oliver Stone announced a King film in 1998, but negative newspaper articles fearing Stone would deliver another conspiracy movie killed the project. Now we have Soundman, a King project that doesn't sound like a biography at all. Wesley Strickwrote and will direct Soundman, a thriller about the civil rights leader. The film will focus on "a white FBI agent who is saddled with the job of spying on Martin Luther King Jr. but struggles with a crisis of conscience and ultimately heads off an assassination attempt on the civil rights leader's life." The movie starts shooting in Chicago this fall, no casting details have been announced.

Strick hasn't directed since the 2001 TV movie Hitched. I didn't see that one, but I always perk up when I see his name in the credits of a movie. He wrote Arachnophobia, which I loved, as well as the excellent screenplay for Scorsese's remake of Cape Fear, one of my favorites. I'm curious to hear more details about Soundman. Will King be a speaking character in the film or just a plot device seen from afar? My guess is they'll probably go the route of a movie like Bobby, showing you glimpses of King through archival footage and crafty editing. If we ever do get that King biopic, I think Spike Lee is the natural choice. It'd bring a nice symmetry to his Malcolm X, and you know he wouldn't deliver an overly schmaltzy puff piece. But who has the charisma to play MLK? I'd cast Ving Rhames.
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