"What you call 'over-sensationalizing,' I call 'A rocking good way to tell a story that leaves you wanting more. ..." Obviously tired -- but fiercely combative and fairly good-humored -- Michael Moore, here at Cannes with his new documentary Sicko, took part in an intimate press conference at the American Pavilion this afternoon. Speaking frankly about everything from his process to the nature of American society ("People like to refer to the United States as a 'Christian' nation; I'd like to see that. ...") Moore took on his challengers and defended his methods. Cinematical was there -- you can hear your corespondent asking about Moore's trip to Cuba and it's implications and later asking about his movie making methods as soon as you download an audio feed of the entire conference right here -- and get the early insight on what's sure to be one of 2007's most controversial films.
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