OK, we're skirting dangerously close to TV Squad's turf here, but hey, it's not every day you get a new TV series based on one of the most popular science fiction series of the modern age! Click right here to check out the brand-new promotional trailer for Fox's The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which not only delivers the seriously sexy Lena Headey as the titular character, but also Firefly's Summer Glau as a sexy robotic butt-kicker sent back from the future to keep our young hero safe! Cool! (Oh, and the young man looks like he could be potentially "dreamy." His name's Thomas Dekker and he can presently be seen as Zach on Heroes.)

Created by genre veteran David Nutter (he's worked on geek-shows as cool as The X-Files, Roswell and Smallville) and written by War of the Worlds co-penner Josh Friedman, The Sarah Connor Chronicles will take place between the action of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and the deliciously dark ending of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Won't that placement kind of spoil some of the surprises since those of us who saw T3 already know what happens to these characters? Well, maybe. But I'm pretty sure that Nutter and Friedman have considered that angle. Plus we can always use another GOOD sci-fi series on television, so color me suitably psyched to see Sarah this fall. (Just in case you forgot: Lena Headey was the woman in 300. The only woman.)
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