We haven't seen a whole lot of the lovely Goldie Hawn lately -- possibly because her three most recent films (The Banger Sisters, Town & Country and The Out-of-Towners) would inspire even the most dedicated actress to demand a four-year vacation. But she's not retired yet, movie fans! Not only will Ms. Hawn soon be appearing in a new comedy called Ashes to Ashes ... but it's a project she co-wrote and plans to direct! Yep, that's right: Goldie sitting in the director's chair. (Hell, she couldn't do any worse than her last three directors!)

According to Variety, Ashes will be about a recent widow who aims to scatter her husband's ashes in Kathmandu ... but loses the urn somewhere along her travels! (I hate it when that happens.) Goldie co-wrote the script with Jeremy Pikser (Bulworth), and if you're worried about her directorial skills, don't be. Her helming credits include a 1997 TV movie called Hope, so obviously she's more than ready to make a feature film all her own. (Aw, I'm just kiddin'. Goldie's still a doll and I hope she does a great job on Ashes to Ashes.) No word yet on whether long-time semi-spouse Kurt Russell will make an appearance in the film, but I bet it'd be pretty cool if he did.
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