Jan de Bont and John Cusack? OK, sure, why not? According to the unending series of Cannes news reports at Variety, the director of Speed and that lovable guy from Say Anything are about to collaborate on Stopping Power, a $50 million action flick about a normal Joe test pilot who must rescue his daughter from evil kidnappers while vacationing in Germany. Production begins in August, and although the package has sold to a few foreign markets, we should expect some U.S. distribution news sooner rather than later.

What's particularly enticing about this project (aside from it marking Cusack's return to the action genre, a section he's avoided since his very amusing turn in Con Air) is that Mr. De Bont is promising to finish the flick with a 51-minute chase sequence. And it get even better: The story was hatched by Eric Red, the scribe who (once upon a time) penned The Hitcher and Near Dark, both of which are unquestionable classics of the horror genre because I said so. (Apparently Swordfish screenwriter Skip Woods also worked on the Stopping Power script.) The only sticking point (for me) is the involvement of Jan de Bont, a stellar cinematographer who graduated to director on the effortlessly entertaining Speed ... and then followed it up with Twister, Speed 2, The Haunting and Tomb Raider 2. Yikes.
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