It looks like Lionsgate is not wasting any time when it comes to their big-screen version of the upcoming Eidos Interactive video game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Variety reports that Jieho Lee is in talks to direct the film version of the action title. This would be the third film for writer/director Lee, whose last pic was the drama The Air I Breathe with Sarah Michelle Gellar, which played at Tribeca. There are already two scripts being prepped Kane; one by Lee and Bob De Rosa -- who was also his co-writer on The Air I Breathe, and the other is a solo effort from Kyle Ward -- a 27 year old assistant at Dreamworks who, just over a month ago, had sold his first script and was then hired to pen the adaptation for Lionsgate. On board to produce are Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter -- they are also the producing team behind Hitman (another Eidos title), and the graphic novel adaptation Hack/Slash.

The storyline of both the film and the game center on a psychopath (Lynch) and a mercenary (Kane) out for revenge. The two are kidnapped from death-row by Kane's former team and forced into retrieving a stolen fortune -- and like most shooter action games, there are shadowy conspiracies and a relatively high body count. The video game is set for release this fall for X-Box 360, so judging by the speed with witch Lionsgate is working on the project, the film might even try for an early release and use the game's release for a little built-in marketing.
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