The intense secrecy surrounding Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventure is finally starting to let up. Ryan reported spoiler-laced details of the plot this morning, along with the information that Shia LaBeouf's character will be a Fonzie greaser type. And now Chud is reporting that -- hallelujah! -- Karen Allen will be returning to one of the all-time great "girlfriend of the hero" roles: Marion Ravenwood. Growing up, Allen was my dream girlfriend, what with the classic love interest trifecta of National Lampoon's Animal House, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Scrooged -- three movies that meant a lot to me as a kid. She's beautiful (but not too beautiful), and exudes charm, humor, and intelligence. She also seems to put up with a lot, which is something I tend to require in a mate.

Paramount is not commenting on the casting news, so there's no official confirmation. But sources are reporting that it is a done deal, and we all know "sources" are never wrong. It looks like Marion will be, as long suspected, the mother of the Lebeouf character. And assuming the word on the street is true that Indy is the father, know what that means. (It means they did it). (And by "it," I mean "sexual intercourse.") (And that the sexual intercourse in question led to the creation of Shia LaBeouf's character). Allen has acted steadily since her debut in Animal House, but the last performances of hers you probably saw were in 2000's The Perfect Storm and 2001's In the Bedroom. Allen is 55 years-old, which I think will go a long way toward chilling out the age-bashing of Harrison Ford that is sure to be the subject of many a late-night monologue joke in the coming year. With Hollywood the way it is, I'd been worried they'd pair him with Jessica Alba or something. I've resisted it as long as I can, but I'm officially losing my concerns that this thing will suck. Viva Allen!

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