It must be a wonderful thing to have the kind of voice that gets you film and TV work. Getting paid handsomely to sit on your ass for a few hours is really the American dream, isn't it? There's a very entertaining piece over at about the people who dub America's biggest stars in other countries. The article shines the spotlight on these unsung heroes, who don't even get acknowledged in the credits. Claudia Motta is "Mexico's Kirsten Dunst." Any time KD graces the screen with her talents, Motta is there to translate. Motta made 10,000 pesos for playing Mary Jane in Spider-Man -- $1100 American dollars. Not too shabby for a job you can do in your sweat pants! And should Dunst ever stop making movies -- which I think might make a lot of Cinematical commenters happy -- Motta can always make money elsewhere. She's been dubbing Bart Simpson for ten years.

Francoise Cadol is "France's Angelina Jolie." She is, naturally, chummy with "France's Brad Pitt." Cadol also dubs Gong Li, Patricia Arquette, Sandra Bullock, and Mary Alice from Desperate Housewives. Italian dubber Giuppy Izzo must have an incredibly obnoxious voice -- she does both Renee Zellweger and Ellen Pompeo on Grey's Anatomy. "China's Tom Cruise" -- Ren Wei -- has also been Ewan McGregor, John Travolta, and Hugh Jackman. Daniella Hoffman -- "Germany's Julia Roberts" -- got her gig by being able to do "a good, really filthy laugh, just like Julia." These voice actors really commit to their roles. They run around the studio, lie on the floor, whatever helps them get the voice perfect. The article is full of such interesting tidbits. In China, for example, dubbing is an incredibly quick process in order to beat the bootleggers. In France, dubbing is taken very seriously -- even leading to voice stalkers. I'll bet Gilbert Gottfried doesn't have to deal with that!
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