Love is spreading through the cinematic world like wildfire. After Paris, je t'aime brought together the likes of the Coen Brothers, Tom Tykwer, Isabel Coixet, Gurinder Chada and other leading directors to create this varied and sectional account of Paris and love, we're now getting one about New York (with a Chinese version also on the way). Producer Emmanuel Benbihy is currently harnessing a new incarnation of directors to whip up New York, I Love You. This collection includes: Zach Braff, Mira Nair, Park Chan-Wook and Fatih Akin.

I'm kind of surprised Ethan Hawke isn't among them, or maybe Richard Linklater. The former, at the very least, is all about Gotham and the throes of love. Benhiby says: "we really want to surprise audiences with young, hip filmmakers with their own personal style and movie language."

Young and hip is great and all, but to me that sounds like they're just trying to commodify the idea, which gives me scary flashbacks to Reality Bites. Each section will be 5 minutes long to create a 100-minute final cut, and a thirteenth director will also be chosen to create transition sequences to "make the movie much more fluid." Please, please don't let the guy have actors' heads swirling on a big pizza! However, it'll be interesting to see what these directors can do with five minutes. Music video directors have jumped from the short story to the long feature, but I wonder how these guys will fair with such a small bit of time to get their point across. We should know soon enough -- they actually want the film to be out for a first-quarter 2008 release.

So, what are your thoughts? New York love -- yay or nay?
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