Controversial French* filmmaker Roman Polanski was participating in a pretty auteur-packed Cannes event over the weekend, one that brought about 30 filmmakers together to share a bunch of short films. But when the question & answer section of the event started winding down, Polanski got pretty perturbed and called the questions not only "poor," but "empty," too. Ouch. (Now he knows how we felt about Pirates.)

"It's a shame to have such poor questions, such empty questions ... And I think that it's really the computer which has brought you down to this level. You're no longer interested in what's going on in the cinema," is what Mr. Polanski stated, just before recommending a nice lunch and walking out on his fellow filmmakers and a room full of journalists. Hmph, who knew the French could be so irritable? Maybe the guy's blood sugar was really low...

Our man in The Cannes James Rocchi had this to say about the occurrence: "Anyone who's been hanging out with Brett Ratner looks pretty silly trying to speak from the moral high ground, The fact that Polanski's upcoming Pompeii is getting a major marketing push at this year's Cannes may explain in part why Polanski's trying to draw some attention to himself as a savior of cinema."

( * Correction: One very polite commenter makes the very good point that Roman Polanski is Polish and not French. Research indicates that Mr. Polanski (birth name: Roman Liebling) was born in Paris to a Polish dad and a Russian mom. The family moved to Poland when Roman was four years old. So I guess that makes him Polish, French and Russian at the same time.)
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