According to The Hollywood Reporter, mega-producer Jeffrey KatzenbergALWAYS envisioned Shrek as a four- movie package. Wow, really, Jeffrey? 4? Not 3 or 5? And was part of this master plan to have the third chapter turn out to be a big disappointment so the fourth one would like that much better? If so, that's a pretty clever plan. But can I remind you of the "4 movie plan" quote when you guys start production on Shrek 5? OK, cool. (Oh, and I guess Jeff's original plan didn't include DVDs like that Shrek 4-D thing and the upcoming Shrek the Halls, right?)

Apparently the next Shrek flick will be an "origin story," which means ... what? We get to see a giant pregnant ogress give birth to our green, stinky hero? Awesome. I mean ... does Shrek need an origin story? He's a freakin' ogre. Is there some fascinating back-story about how he came to live in a swamp? Meh. I guess I'm just a little disenchanted with the Shrek franchise right now. Stop back in a few years, Katzenberg, and we might be ready to play along. (Seriously though? "Origin story" sounds more to me like "This way we don't have to pay the huge fees for people like Diaz, Murphy and Banderas." Or maybe I'm just a big, fat cynical jerk.) Anyway, yeah: Shrek. Get used to him.
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